What is GCF?

Garden City Fund (GCF) is a registered charity and IPC established by the National Parks Board but managed independently as a charity.
All donations raised will go towards projects and initiatives supported by (GCF).
More information about (GCF) available here.

How do I make a donation to (GCF)?

Donation to (GCF) will go into important conservation and outreach programmes supported by the charity.
Donations can be made via:

  • Credit Card donation through the Giving.sg donation portal
  • Cheque donation
  • GIRO donation

To find out more about the projects you can support, click here.

What are the other projects that I can support?

There are indeed other projects and initiatives within NParks that you can lend your support. We appreciate both financial support and volunteerism efforts. If you have other projects in mind that you are keen to support, email us at garden_city_fund@nparks.gov.sg.

Are donations to GCF eligible for tax-reduction?

All donations to Garden City Fund are eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction, with a valid NRIC/FIN number (individual) or local UEN/Business Registration Number (organisation).

For more information on tax-deductions,visit www.iras.gov.sg

Will I receive tax-deduction receipt for my donation?

In support of green efforts, we will not be issuing any receipts for donations received, unless upon request. If you have provided us with your details (Name/NRIC/FIN/UEN Number), we will submit your details and your donation details to IRAS. Tax-deduction for your donation will automatically be included in your tax assessment.

If you require printed receipts, please send us an email at garden_city_fund@nparks.gov.sg.

How do I claim tax-deduction without a printed receipt?

If you have provided us with your details (Name/NRIC/FIN/UEN Number), we will submit your details to IRAS. IRAS will automatically recognise the status of your tax-deduction when GCF submits your donation details to them.

Can I get a refund of my donation?

All donations to Garden City Funs are generally non-refundable unless there is a proven unauthorised usage of credit card. We seek your understanding that donations received may have already been used for the intended projects. On the basis of the foregoing, we will nevertheless review all refund requests on a case-by-case basis. Please write to garden_city_fund@nparks.gov.sg within 30 days from the date the donation was made.

What is the Plant-A Tree Programme and how do I donate?

The Plant-A-Tree Programme is a platform for organisations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of our City in a Garden.

With a minimum donation of $300, you can plant one tree in our parks. This amount has been revised due to the increase in cost of trees, especially native trees.

For individual donations, check out the Plant-A-Tree schedule here.

For private donations with a minimum requirement of 50 trees, please send us an email at garden_city_fund@nparks.gov.sg.

For more information about the Plant-A-Tree Programme, click here.