Conserving our coral reefs

Did you know that coral reefs are an integral part of Singapore’s natural heritage? Known as “rainforests of the ocean”, they are one of the most biologically diverse type of ecosystem! Healthy coral reefs provide habitats for a large multitude of marine organisms which rely on them for food and shelter.

Unfortunately, coral reefs are under increasing threats from both natural and man-made stressors.

What is this Initiative About?

A collaboration between JTC and the National Parks Board (NParks), the “Grow-a-Reef Garden Initiative aims to support the installation of purpose-built artificial reef units to enhance marine biodiversity at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.

This is the country’s largest reef garden project to date. The large 3-story artificial reef structures were pre-fabricated off-site and sunk in the waters off Small Sister’s Island, within the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.

This project is expected to contribute some 1,000m2 of additional reef area to the Marine Park by 2030, and will give us the opportunity to undertake much needed research on coral reef resilience and nurture the development of new coral communities.

Watch the video below to learn see what JTC and NParks are doing to make Singapore’s waters a renewed paradise for marine life.

NParks and JTC video thumbnail