Be Our Partner

As a responsible business and individual looking to create a sustainable future and a viable environment, you are one of the key custodians of our City in Nature.

Together, we can make a positive impact in this City in Nature that we work, live and play in.

  • The Garden City Fund works closely with you to identify suitable partnership projects that match your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility principles and ideals, or are in line with your donation requests.
  • You can play a part to realise Singapore's City in Nature vision by supporting projects in our gardens, parks and nature reserves.
  • Opportunities abound in areas of value-added enhancements, conservation, research, outreach, and education.
  • 100% of your donation to Garden City Fund will go into the supported programmes. Your donation will not be used to cover operating cost and will qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction.
  • In addition to relevant sponsors' acknowledgement benefits, there are also volunteer opportunities for some of the projects.
  • You can also volunteer with NParks! Read more here.

New Partnerships For Corporations

Value Added Enhancements Projects

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Enhancements
  • Therapeutic Gardens
  • Community Library
  • Forest Train and Hilltop View Deck
  • Lagoon Tidal Pool

Conservation & Research Projects

  • Grow-A-Reef-Garden Initiaive
  • Habitat Enhancements in Parks
  • Heritage Tree Scheme
  • Orchid Conservation Fund
  • Species Recovery Programme
  • Research to develop science & evidence-based guidelines for greenery for mental health promotion

Outreach and Education Projects

  • Festival of Biodiversity
  • NParks Concert Series in the Park
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival
  • Singapore Garden Festival
  • Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year
  • Every Child a Seed

Support Our Projects

Contact us at to find out more about the partnership opportunities.