Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

Shannen Fong,   Head of Corporate Relations

APB Singapore is committed to sustainable operations and practices. As the leading brewer in Singapore, we are mindful of extending our influence to support a sustainable future. By promoting biodiversity, we help bring about a balanced ecosystem which is central to the sustainability of the world we live in. This is why we have come forward to support Singapore's inaugural Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity as it allows the company to get involved in what is core to achieving sustainable development. As we fund and volunteer at the seabed survey, we now understand how urbanisation has impact Singapore's marine ecosystems and are in a better position to know what we can do together to conserve and sustain its vibrancy.

Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

Claire Chiang,   Senior Vice President

Our support of the Dipterocarp Arboretum stems from our company's founding values to conserve our natural resources. We are excited by this partnership's ability to protect the environment for the enjoyment of all.

City Developments Limited

Esther An,   Head, Corporate Social Responsibility, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Affairs

CDL has been actively engaging in a broad range of community development programmes, with specific focus on youth development, arts, the environment and support for the underprivileged. Singapore Young Photographer Award (SYPA) has been our platform to discover and nurture young local photography talents. We are pleased to support NParks' good initiative and adopt the themes of the 'City in a Garden Photography Competition' for SYPA 2011. Through this meaningful public-private collaboration, we hope to further raise environmental awareness among youths and promote the appreciation of the beauty of our urban and natural environment.