About the Plant-A-Tree Programme

Caring for trees and the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. The Plant-A-Tree Programme is a platform for organisations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of our City in Nature by planting trees.

Every tree planted will also contribute to the OneMillionTrees movement to plant one million more trees across Singapore over ten years till 2030. This aims to restore nature back to our city and redouble our efforts to green our urban infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. Read more about the movement here.

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Why plant trees?

Why plant more trees in Singapore? Aren't there enough trees already? Well, definitely not.

Trees are like any other living organism, which will grow old and become weak. Hence, in order to sustain our lush greenery, we need to constantly plant new trees.

Plant a tree and enhance Singapore's greenery

The aim of this programme is to give you a chance to donate to the cost of a young tree and plant it yourself.

It's a special kind of connection with Nature when you plant a tree yourself.

How do trees benefit us?

More than aesthetic appeal

Trees beautify our environment but their values lie beyond the aesthetics. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity in our environment, prevent soil erosion, as well as provide shade and lower the atmospheric temperature.

Why is this important?

The future of our environment

We all work hard for the financial security for our families and to achieve a comfortable lifestyle. How about securing the future of our environment for the generations to come? The Plant-A-Tree Programme is your 'green investment' for the future.

What is in it for the community?

Keeping us healthy and happy

Studies have shown that when people are surrounded by greenery, they are measurably healthier and build better family relationships. Visual exposure to trees is also known to reduce stress levels in our fast-paced world.

In what way can I contribute?

Another way to contribute is to donate to the Garden City Fund. The support you provide will go towards the following initiatives:

  • Develop outreach, education and green activities
  • Enhance amenities and add special features such as access for the disabled, so that more people can enjoy our parks
  • Fund research and conservation projects 

Pledge your support 

Please click here to find out more on how to take part in the Plant-A-Tree Programme.