Common FAQs

What is the donation amount required for the planting of one tree?

A donation of SGD $300 is required for the planting of one tree.

Is there a minimum donation required?

To take part in our public planting sessions, the minimum donation is one tree, i.e. SGD $300.

What time does the public planting session start?

Our public planting sessions usually start at 9am. Participants will be asked to meet at around 8.30am. Please note that the timing might differ depending on site conditions.

Details will be sent to participants about two weeks prior to the actual planting day.

How long is the tree planting session?

The planting activity is usually between 45 mins to 1.5 hours. The length depends on the planting and site conditions.

Do I get to plant the tree?

Yes, whether you're donating as an individual, a group, a family or a school, we encourage you to plant the trees personally. If your schedule does not allow, please inform us and we will plant the tree on your behalf.

Do note that due to logistical constraints, we are not able to arrange for alternative planting dates once your planting slot is confirmed.

How many people can take part?

In line with prevailing Safe Management Measures, two persons per tree donated will be allowed to participate in the tree planting.


Do I need to bring or prepare anything for the planting session?

All planting equipment will be provided.

As the event is held outdoors, you are advised to wear comfortable outdoor wear and covered shoes. Long trousers are also recommended. Do also bring along drinking water, insect repellent, sunblock and a hat/cap.

Can I request to organise a private planting session?

To organise a private planting session, a minimum donation of 50 trees (i.e. SGD $15,000) is required. Please allow at least 10 weeks lead time for the arrangements. Confirmation is subject to availability of planting sites.

Contact us at

About Registration

How can I register for the programme?

Registration requests will be processed upon receipt of the completed form and donation. Please follow the steps indicated here to sign up.

I have already registered and paid, but have not received any confirmation from Garden City Fund or NParks, what should I do?

Please give us 1 to 2 weeks to process your registration request. If you do not hear from us after two weeks, please contact us at or call us at 1800 471 7300.

When will I receive the details of the tree planting session?

Details will be sent to you via email about two weeks before the assigned planting session.

About tree planting schedule and arrangements

When are the planting sessions?

Public planting sessions generally fall on the last Saturday of each month, or close to special dates such as World Environment Day or Earth Day that occur in that month.

Can I request to change the tree planting dates stated in the public planting schedule?

No. The public planting dates are scheduled for the convenience of the general public. We are unable to accommodate individual requests.

Can I choose the tree species to be planted?

No. To ensure that the trees planted fulfil the greening and conservation needs of the park or nature reserve, National Parks Board officials will select the trees suitable for the site.

Can I choose the park that I want to plant my tree?

No. The public planting sites are selected based on the tree planting needs.

General FAQs

Who can take part and support this programme?

Everyone can support our Plant-A-Tree Programme.

When will I receive the planting certificate?

After the planting session, we will prepare an e-certificate and it will be emailed to you.

Please give us one month to process the e-certificate.

Do I need to inform IRAS of my tax deduction?

We will process your donation and help to file the tax deduction benefits with IRAS. (If you have provided your mailing address information, a receipt will be sent to you). Please give us one month to process your donation.

Do note that if you have not provided the required personal details, it will be regarded as a non-tax deductible donation.

Will there be a plaque or sign to label the tree I planted?

We are appreciative of your support but the programme does not include permanent acknowledgement signs for the trees you plant.